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Auction Highlights

CAPS Meeting of February 2016

CAPS member, Paul-Andrι Lawrie, presented a chronological history of the organette. With a spectacular display of more than two dozen of these rare instruments and related items, Paul took us through a history that started in North America about 1877 and ended in the early 1900s when the player piano and the record player industry began to take over in home entertainment.

The regular CAPS Auction followed and here are some of the highlights. (Photos courtesy of Arthur Zimmerman.)

•  A "United Talking Machine Co." 10-inch 78 RPM record, in excellent condition, with a large spindle hole made to fit a specific record player. Asking $10.00.

•  Six assorted Blue Amberol cylinders in boxes, no tops: $12.00.
•  Another assortment of Blue Amberol cylinders in boxes and no tops. $16.00.
•  An empty Edison Standard case in "green oak" finish: $25.00.
•  Six Ruth Wallis 10-inch 78 RPM records (with "naughty" content), in sleeves: $12.00.
•  A five LP record set, "Bruce Springsteen Live: 1975-1985", in mint condition. Asking $20.00.
•  A softcover book, "Edison Disc Artists & Records 1910-1929": $10.00.
•  Two needle tins, a "Best" and an "HMV yellow", with some needles. Asking $30.00.
•  Two more needle tins, a "Sphinx" and an "HMV green": $20.00.
•  Three albums of 78 RPM jazz rec-ords: $18.00.
•  A 10-inch single-sided Victor record, "Speech on the Navy", recorded in 1923 by Honourable Arth. Lee, the then First Lord of the Admiralty: $10.00.
•  The feature of the day! A beautiful Edison Triumph with 2- and 4-minute gearing and a shaver attachment, also with a separate recording horn and a package of recording needles in the original box. In excellent cosmetic and playing condition. The horn crane is a reproduction: A "steal" at $850.00!
•  Vogue picture record #707, side 1 "Sugar Blues, side 2 "Basin Street Blues". Asking $35.00.
•  A wooden tracker-bar and a valve case for an organette: $10.00.
•  A battery-operated wall clock with the picture of "Nipper", the Victor trade mark, on the face. Asking $12.00.
•  Three albums of 12-inch 78 RPM jazz rec-ords: $5.00.
•  Three needle tins with needles: $55.00.

CAPS Meeting of April 2016

Our guest speaker, John Gergesha gave a very interesting and entertaining presentation titled, "What Were They Thinking?" Using sound clips and photos, John displayed some of the worst recordings ever made - most deliberately so. Also, for the first time twin screens were used simultaneously to project the Powerpoint presentation, so every one in our wide meeting room had a front seat!

The regular CAPS Auction followed and here are some of the highlights. (Photos courtesy of Arthur Zimmerman.)

A book, "The Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide" by Steve Barr: $7.00.

•  Four black wax 2-min. cylinders in original boxes with tops: $10.00.
•  A Decca "Dulcephone" (1926) portable record player in black simulated leather case in excellent cosmetic and playing condition: $250.00.
•  An Edison Menlo Park special edition U.S. stamp: $5.00.
•  A round (cylindrical) record cleaning brush: $20.00.
•  A Victor Victrola VV-IV table-model gramophone: $90.00.
•  A Vogue picture record # 714: side 1 - "Double Doo Doo", side 2 - "All I Do is Wantcha": $35.00.
•  A 10-inch LP picture record, "Savage Young Beatles": $35.00.
•  An Edison Gem phonograph with a 4-min. reproducer. The carrying handle is missing from the top and the horn and crane are reproductions, otherwise this attractive machine is mostly original: $425.00.
•  Three W.C. Fields records: $28.00.
•  Three Al Jolson albums with records: $30.00.
•  Five Little Wonder records: $10.00.
•  A 33 1/3 RPM record in sleeve, "Pop Dance Obscurities": $28.00.
•  A Model F Edison Triumph phonograph with a Model "O" 2- and 4-minute reproducer and a No. 11 Cygnet horn. The top lid is missing: $1200.00.
•  A Model F Edison Standard phonograph with a Model "H" 4-minute reproducer and a No. 10 Cygnet horn. The horn spring is a reproduction and the top lid is missing: $750.00.
•  A toy record player in a blue metal case and with a Little Wonder record. Plays well: $160.00.
•  A 14-inch "Witches Hat" reproduction horn: $60.00.
•  A 2- and 4-minute Model "K" reproducer: $200.00.
•  A 2-minute Model "C" reproducer: $110.00.
•  A 2- and 4-minute Model "O" reproducer: $410.00.
•  A reproduction elbow for a Victor III: $65.00.
•  A Jeff Healey pin: $16.00.