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Canadian Antique Phonograph Society

Eight annual meetings are held at Centennial College in Toronto between September and June. Each meeting attracts more than 50 members and guests and includes one or more presentations on recorded sound history and an auction of phonographs, records, parts and ephemera. Admission is free and refreshments are provided. Guests are welcome. To participate in the auction, however, you must be a member.

Meetings are also broadcast live using the Zoom video platform which allows CAPS to reach its international membership. Join CAPS to receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting.


Centennial College, Progress Campus
Markham Road exit off Highway 401
Toronto, Ontario

Room: E2-12
Parking: Lot 7
Date & Time: Sunday 1:00-5:00 pm

By transit:

From the Kennedy subway station, take the Scarborough RT.
Ride 4 stops to Scarborough Centre station.
Descend 2 levels to the bus platform level.
Up at far end, take the Progress 134 bus.
Get off at the first stop beyond Markham Road
       (announced as 921 Progress Ave).
The entrance walkway to Centennial College is straight ahead.

FREE PARKING is available by entering a PIN into the keypad at Parking Lot 7.
PIN access is provided exclusively to CAPS members and is restricted to scheduled meeting dates only.

The current PIN is available at:  Parking PIN

Centennial has provided CAPS with free PIN access to parking lot 7 which is at the east end of the campus close to our new meeting room in E-Block (see map above).

To get to lot 7, drive past parking lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and make a right turn at the soccer field, Home of the Centennial Colts. Directly opposite lot 7 is the Centennial Child Care Centre which abuts G-Block. Use the ground level main entrance door marked EG (see photograph below). This ground level entrance will work equally well for those members transporting heavy items for the auction.

Walk down G-Block corridor through a small open area with pop vending machines. Continue down E-Block corridor and, at the end, take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Meeting Room E2-12 is directly in front of you as you exit the elevator. There are also stairways at the end of each corridor.

Walk down G-Block corridor

Through a small open area
with pop vending machines

Continue down E-Block corridor

Take the elevator to the 2nd floor