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             Jan-Feb 1992

•  Dame Emma Albani, Canadian Diva by Jim McPherson
•  Victor Records in the '20s and '30s by Brian Boyd
•  Pathι: "I Sing Loud and Clear" by Darren J. Wallace
•  At The Drop of a Sound Box: Irreverent Ramblings by David Lennick
•  You Will Remember Vienna by John E. Rutherford
•  Setting the Record Straight, Again! by Dan Reed

             Mar-Apr 1992

•  Conference Report: How Early Recordings Mangled the Repertoire (Tim Brooks) reported by Barry R. Ashpole
•  Phonographic Ephemera I by Bill Pratt
•  New Technology for the Preservation of Sound Recordings by Gilles St-Laurent
•  Fakes, Fables and Flawless Transfers by Barry R. Ashpole
•  Quiz for the Advanced Phonograph or Record Collector compiled by Allen Koenigsberg
•  Victor, Columbia and Brunswick Pressings in the '20s by Brian Boyd
•  Angels, Nipper and Immortality by John E. Rutherford

             May-Jun 1992

•  Two Areas That Need Further Research: Some Comments on Canadian Record Ledgers and Labels by Brian Boyd
•  Phonographic Ephemera II by Bill Pratt
•  More Irreverent Ramblings by David Lennick
•  "The Phonograph" by Massani - Some Religious Connotations by John E. Rutherford

             Jul-Aug 1992

•  The Berliner Gramophone Company: Personal Recollections of Oliver Berliner - Part One by Oliver Berliner
•  Did Thomas Alva Edison Invent the Word "Hello"? by Robertson Cochrane, response by Allen Koenigsberg
•  The Bible and "Young Tom Edison" by John E. Rutherford
•  Phonographic Ephemera: The Mystery of the Universal Autophone by Bill Pratt

             Sep-Oct 1992

•  78s in the Classroom by Tim Gracyk
•  The Collector's Guide to Victor Records (book review) by David Lennick
•  Opera Recordings: A Survey of Historic Labels by Jane L. Poole
•  The Bible and "Edison, The Man" by John E. Rutherford
•  The Berliner Gramophone Company: Personal Recollections of Oliver Berliner - Part Two by Oliver Berliner

             Nov-Dec 1992

•  Ada Jones: The "First Lady" of the Phonograph by Milford Fargo
•  Record Research and Criticism by William R. Moran
•  A Vinyl Treasury to Watch For by Clyde Gilmour
•  Jerry Colonna in Art Hallman's Orchestra??? by John E. Rutherford