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             Jan-Feb 1993

  Playback of Acoustic Vocal Recordings: Bedazzled ... by Nostalgia or Technology? by Barry R. Ashpole
  Arthur Sullivan: A Victorian Musician (book review) by John E. Rutherford
  Memoirs of the Famous Basso Andreas Perello DeSegurola (book review) by Barry R. Ashpole
  Label Types of Bluebird Records with particular reference to differences in Canadian and American issues by Colin J. Bray and Jack Litchfield

             Mar-Apr 1993

  Proper Playback of 78 rpm Records by Gilles St-Laurent
  Phonographic Ephemera: Home Cylinder Recording by Bill Pratt
  A Pictorial History of the Phonograph by Barry R. Ashpole
  An Assumption Concerning the "Amour" Label by John E. Rutherford

             May-Jun 1993

  The Mystery of the Universal Autophone (Part II) by Steven I. Ramm
  The Sheet Music of Robert Watkin-Mills by John E. Rutherford
  A CBC Earful of Canadiana (meeting presentation) condensed report by Barry R. Ashpole

             Jul-Aug 1993

  Conference Report: Beniamino Gigli - Italian Patriot or Fascist Sympathiser? by Barry R. Ashpole and Colin Bain
  Edison Class M's Unique Place in Canadian Phonographic History by Paul Dodington
  Burke Callahan, Pupil of Robert Watkin-Mills by John E. Rutherford
  The Complete 78 rpm Dating Guide (book review) by Colin J. Bray

             Sep-Oct 1993

  Care and Preservation of 78s (meeting presentation) condensed report by Barry R. Ashpole
  The Canadian Columbia Group of Labels 1921-1931: How To Distinguish Canadian from American by Colin J. Bray and Jack Litchfield
  Signor Hurdi-Gurdi on Disc by Lynn E. Andersen
  Chaliapin's Booklet by John E. Rutherford
  Phonograph Repair and Restoration: An Introduction by Don Woodrow

             Nov-Dec 1993

  Edison's Lab Falling into Decay by Edward Colimore
  Auction Bidding Techniques by Don Wetzell
  In Conversation: Historical Re-Issues of Classical Recordings on CD interview with Keith Hardwick
  Play It Again...And Again...And Again Till You Get It Right! by David Lennick
  Edward Johnson and Raoul Jobim on CD (reviewed) by John E. Rutherford
  Hand-Cranked Phonographs: It All Started with Edison... (book review) by Bill Pratt