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Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
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WANTED: We are always looking for stories or articles for the Antique Phonograph News. Written material should be original and have a tie-in to phonograph history, preferably in Canada. We have someone who can edit your submission, so why not give it a try. If you are a first time contributor to our magazine or have not been published in APN in the last 10 years, then next year's CAPS membership is FREE.

Toronto, Ontario
Contact: editor@capsnews.org (Mark Caruana-Dingli, APN Editor)
DeadWax 78's is a podcast about the world of 78rpm recordings and technology......dead artists ... old music ... outdated tech ..... live host.

Listen to episodes by the host, and CAPS member, Sean Scally, on the website .. https://www.buzzsprout.com/2020299. Also available on Spotify and other sites.

Trenton, Ontario
Contact: soscally@gmail.com (Sean Scally)

WANTED: Records issued in Canada. I will pay a minimum of $100 for any of the following in excellent playing condition: Aurora 36-125 - Dave’s Harlem Highlights, Aurora 22008 - Herman Black Orch., Apex 774 - ‘That’s Why I Love You’ by Annette Hanshaw, Brunswick (Canadian only) – 4964 Ikey Robinson, 4965 Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers, 4967 Dixie Rhythm Kings. Following on Starr-Gennett label - 9517, 9524, 9557, 9615 - Oliver Naylor Orch., 9595, 9611 - Wolverine Orch. 9303, 9304, 9313 - Friars Society Orch, 9374, 9405 - Viola McCoy, 4508 – Original New Orleans Jazz Band. Phonola 1155, 1156 - Original New Orleans J.B. Gilbert Watson Orch (a Toronto Band) on Apex, Starr, Domino, Microphone and Lucky Strike labels. POSITIVELY BEST PRICES PAID.

Scarborough, Ontario
Contact: cjbray@es.utoronto.ca (Colin Bray)
Gramophone/Phonograph Repairs. Repairs to disc & cylinder machines. Good stock of parts.
Also buy & sell.

Brampton, Ontario
Contact: angeloraffin@hotmail.com (Angelo Raffin)
FOR SALE: Phonograph Needles - Loud • Medium • Soft • Spearpoint. Always in stock.

St. Paul, MN, USA
Contact: www.VictrolaNeedles.com (John Harazin)