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             Jan-Feb 1995

  Victor - Victrola Motor Identification (and Repair Information) by Harold Braker
  Nipper's Descendants by John E. Rutherford

             Mar-Apr 1995

  The Golden Age of Children's Records by Diana R. Tillson
  The Starr Phonograph with contributions by David Plumer and Jim Peck
  Phonographic Ephemera: An Edison A-100's Paperwork by Norman Brooks
  Mr. Edison's Time Machine by John E. Rutherford
  Remembering David E. Ross (1924-1994) by David Lennick

             May-Jun 1995

  The Vitaphone Project by Barry R. Ashpole
  Re-Issues of Early Recordings on CD by Gary A. Galo
  Canadian Record Labels: pre-1942 by Colin J. Bray

             Jul-Aug 1995

  National Museum of Science and Technology (Ernie DeCoste) condensed by Barry R. Ashpole
  Canadian Berliner GT: A "Significant Treasure" by The Globe and Mail
  The Acoustical Recorder for Lateral-Cut Gramophone Records by Rolf Rekdal
  Gleanings from Columbia Record Supplements (Part 1) by Claude Seary

             Sep-Oct 1995

  What Dollar Value Do You Place on Old Records? extracted from The Record News
  Additions to the Collector's Reading List compiled by Barry R. Ashpole
  More Gleanings from Columbia Record Supplements (Part 2) by Claude Seary
  Re-Issues of Early Recordings on CD, etc... by Barry R. Ashpole
  Conference Report: Restoration of Early Sound Recordings by Gilles St-Laurent

             Nov-Dec 1995

  Acetate Phonograph Recordings: Preservation, Storage and Playback by Graham Newton
  Denis Gonet: "The Boy Caruso" (profile) by Jim McPherson
  Gleanings from Columbia Record Supplements (Part 3) by Claude Seary