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CAPS Auction Highlights Galore!

We know how much members like to see the highlights and selling prices from our CAPS auctions, so whenever we have the space, we dig back in our files and publish those not seen before. We hope you enjoy these auction reports from 2017.

September 10, 2017

•  An Edison Home, Model F phonograph, 4-minute reproducer. Missing crank and mandrel "frozen": $325.00.
•  A box of steel needles and miscellaneous electro-magnetic pick-ups: $15.00.
•  An Edison Model "K" reproducer, missing stylus: $70.00.
•  An Edison Diamond Disc adapter for playing 78 RPM records: $35.00.

An Edison "Home" Morning Glory horn: $70.00, a gold-finished Diamond Disc reproducer in original leather case: a bargain at $80.00, a blue-painted Edison "Standard" horn: $20.00, a portable spring driven record player in black imi-tation leather case, motor runs but no reproducer: $35.00, an Edison Home, Model B phonograph, 2- & 4-minute Model "C" reproducer, missing horn: $300.00.

•  A box of ten assorted reproducers and tone-arms: $25.00.
•  Hardcover book "Illustrated History of Talking Machines" by Daniel Marty: $35.00.
•  An album of 27 "Hits of the Week" flexible 78 RPM records: $35.00.
•  A box of 24 Blue Amberols in boxes, no tops: $20.00.

An Edison Home, Model B phonograph, 2- & 4-minute Model "C" reproducer. Missing horn: $300.00.
A Vogue Picture Record, R178, "I Get a Kick Out of You" and "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?": $30.00.
A Victrola IX table-top gramophone, very clean and plays well: $180.00.

•  A box of 19 Blue Amberols -16 complete with correct lids, 3 with no lids: $50.00.
•  A brown Berliner "Concert" single-sided 10-inch record with brass ferrule, "Blue Bell Medley", Arthur Pryor's Band: $14.00.
•  A brown Berliner "Concert" single-sided 10-inch record with brass ferrule, "Amour et Printemps Valse", Garde Republican Band: $10.00.
•  A carton of 40 empty cylinder record boxes, some complete with tops: $16.00.
•  An Edison Cygnet horn, down to bare metal but free of dents - needs re-painting: $300.00.

October 14, 2017

•  A Pink Lambert 2-min. cylinder record #983: $170.00.
•  Another Pink Lambert 2-min. cylinder record # 916: $150.00.
•  A Harmony "Model Symphony" disc record player and six Harmony records; missing original horn: $170.00.
•  A box of seven assorted reproducer arms: $30.00.
•  A box of assorted reproducers, mainly Orthophonic: $75.00.
•  A soft-cover book, "The Compleat Talking Machine", by Eric L. Reiss: $30.00.

A Pathι disc record player with beautiful red horn and an extra lateral-record reproducer included: A bargain at $500.00!

An Edison "green oak" banner Concert Phonograph complete with floor crane, brass horn and Model "B" reproducer, all in excellent original condition. Asking $2500.00.
A Victor IV with a black horn, in excellent original condition: $1250.

•  An Edison Royal Purple cylinder record #29038 in box, top missing: $30.00.
•  A Victor III with a red horn with painted flowers. Asking $1,600.00.
•  An HMV "Nipper" small cast-iron bank: $20.00.
•  A working Victor IV motor with crank: $40.00.
•  A box of forty Blue Amberol cylinder records, no boxes or tops: $40.00.
•  An Edison Amberola 30 phonograph in dark oak cabinet, in excellent cosmetic and working condi-tion: $225.00.

A Columbia "Viva Tonal" wind-up portable record player in black imitation leather case in excellent cosmetic and playing condition: $150.00.
A portable Brunswick Panatrope disc record player, in good playing condition, and with gold-plated hardware: $80.00.
An Edison Fireside phonograph, Model "B" with Cygnet horn: $800.00.

•  A Vogue Picture Record, in green tinted monochrome, #R-732, "I Don't Know Why, (I Just Do"), and "In The Moonlight": $40.00.
•  Another Vogue Picture Record, in polychrome colour, #R-736, "Out Where The West Wind Blows", and "Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone?": $35.00.
•  An album of ten assorted 10-in. 78 RPM records: $22.00.
•  Five Little Wonder records: $14.00.
•  A large generic brass horn: $30.00.
•  A large framed Victor - Nipper mirror: $65.00.
•  An album of sixteen single-sided 12-in. 78 RPM records: $65.00.

November 25, 2017

•  An Edison Morning Glory horn: $60.00.
•  Five Edison wax 4-minute Amberol cylinder records with boxes and lids: $20.00.
•  An Edison Model "B" Standard 2-minute with Model "B" reproducer, no horn: $320.00.
•  An Edison Cygnet horn, missing hook & clip: $250.00.
•  Three reproducers, one is gold-plated: $140.00.
•  An Edison Model "O" 2- & 4-minute reproducer: $340.00.

A pink label Gramophone Patti Record, "Home Sweet Home" sung by Adelina Patti: $22.00.
Vogue Picture Record in full colour #R767, "Love Means The Same Old Thing" and "This Is Always": $40.00.
Vogue Picture Record in full colour #R774, "Save Me A Dream" and "Desert Fantasy": $35.00.

•  Hardcover book "Roll Back the Years" by Edward B. Moogk, c/w record: $30.00.
•  A 2-minute Lakeside "Indestructible" cylinder record in box with top: $18.00.
•  An Edison Standard D phonograph case & lid: $90.00.
•  A lot of 5 assorted reproducer arms and a motor: $ 55.00.
•  Twenty-five "Hit of the Week" records: $40.00.
•  A small, round early Thorens music box, ca. 1940s, working: $30.00.

A Mikiphone portable record player, complete and working: $210.00.
An Edison Opera, serial #3176, Type SM Model A. Missing horn, reproducer, speed control parts and bottom cabinet trim. Motor runs. A project machine: $1,100.00.
A Columbia "Favorite" table-top Grafonola in oak case, runs and plays well: $125.00.

•  Five Edison white label Diamond Disc records, in near pristine condition: $26.00.
•  A box of six Chinese 10" 78 RPM records: $32.00.
•  An album of six Diamond Disc Re-Creations: $40.00.
•  Three 4-minute "Indestructible" cylinder records in boxes: $20.00.
•  Three 2-minute "Indestructible" cylinder records in boxes: $20.00.
•  A small, signed generic horn (after a rather lengthy discussion whether brass or copper!): $45.00.