The Aeolian Piano Company was founded in 1887 in the United States. In 1915 they began making Vocalion phonographs and in 1917 Vocalion records.

Scythes Vocalion Co. Limited, 29-31 Alice Street (renamed 29-31 Teraulay Street in 1923), Toronto, was the sole Canadian distributor of the American-made Aeolian-Vocalion brand of phonographs. Beginning in 1921, they also manufactured Vocalion phonographs and records in Canada. (see the Soloist page)

Talking Machine World, April, 1921, p. 121: "VOCALION CANADIAN DISTRIBUTORS - Scythes Vocalion Co. Appointed Exclusive Distributors in Canada for the Vocalion Products -E. C. Scythes Heads the Organization. Announcement has been made by the Aeolian Co. that in future the Vocalion and Vocalion Red records will be distributed in Canada by the Scythes Vocalion Co., Toronto, recently organized with E. C. Scythes as president. Mr. Scythes is well known in the Canadian trade, having been for many years vice-president and general manager of the Nordheimer Piano & Music Co., Ltd. He also spent several years in Winnipeg. At the present time he is president of the Canadian Piano Manufacturers' Association, and has taken a prominent part in other trade organizations.

"For some time Mr. Scythes has been negotiating with the Aeolian Co. and the contract has now been concluded whereby the Scythes Vocalion Co. has the exclusive right to import and manufacture Vocalion products in Canada. As a result a Vocalion phonograph and records of Canadian production will be a reality, with deliveries being made from headquarters in Toronto. The temporary location of the Scythes Vocalion Co. is in the Nordheimer Building, at the corner of Yonge and Albert Streets, Toronto, where the Vocalion headquarters in Canada have been located for the past three or four years. In a short time Mr. Scythes expects to announce a permanent address with warehouse accommodations sufficient to carry stock that will provide for immediate deliveries of all orders. Having been for four years intimately associated with the Aeolian Co. in marketing the Vocalion lines in Canada, Mr. Scythes is very enthusiastic over his proposition. Not the least important announcement made by Mr. Scythes is the appearance of the dollar Vocalion record in the Dominion of Canada."

Talking Machine World, June 1921, p. 112: "The Scythes Vocalion Co., Ltd., which has been occupying temporary quarters, has removed to a permanent address at 29-31 Alice Street. 'Records are coming through very satisfactorily,' remarked Mr. Scythes, 'and we are in a position to give real Vocalion service.'"

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An Aeolian-Vocalion phonograph manufactured by Scythes-Vocalion Co. Limited, Toronto, restored by Bob Nix, "The Gramophone Doctor", Sarnia, Ontario.

Photographs of a Scythes-Vocalion Company Aeolian-Vocalion phonograph in Delta, B.C. submitted by Lance Husoy.