The Canadian Phonograph Company was formed in January 1916. Situated at 103 Yonge Street, it took over the Best-Phone phonograph but discontinued use of the corporate name. The Canadian phonograph was manufactured by The National Cabinet Co., Limited, 485 King St. W., Toronto.

Canadian Furniture World and the Undertaker, September 1918, p. 41: "The National Cabinet Co. This company produces the Canadian line and showed an extensive range of both ordinary cabinets and period styles [at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto]. This machine plays all makes of records without any extra attachments and has a tone control which permits the volume of tone to be regulated. This company also manufacture a line of separate record cabinets for phonographs."

Talking Machine World, December 15, 1920, p. 119: "The National Cabinet Co., Limited, of which A. B. Beverly is the president, maker of the "Canadian" phonograph, has just completed the purchase of the building it has been occupying at 485 King street west. The purchase price is said to be $30,000. The National factory is a three-story building on a lot 44 x 170. Another link in the plan for the development of this firm is the marketing of the "Canadian" phonograph in the United States. It is the intention to manufacture the "Canadian" in a plant acquired in Brooklyn, N. Y., and offer it to American dealers. The Brooklyn plant is to employ 100 men at the start."

Canadian Music Trades Journal, February, 1916, p. 36. First announcement of the Canadian Phonograph Company.

Canadian Music Trades Journal, December, 1917, p. 80-81. Announcement of the Canadian Phonograph by Canadian Phonograph Sales Co., Toronto.

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Toronto Daily Star, September 22, 1919. Image digitally enhanced by Hopkin Design.

KW found this advert from The Toronto World, October 2, 1919 (Simpson's was a large store competitor to Eaton's--they faced each other across Queen Street in Toronto):

TDS, October 22, 1919 p.14

TDS, December 5, 1919 p. 8

TDS, December 11, 1919 p. 30

Machine pictures taken at an outdoor antique sale in southern Ontario, 2005 (photos by KW).

The following pictures are of a machine for sale in St. Jacobs in Jan. 2010 (photos by KW)

Machine for sale in Toronto, Feb.2008 (photos by KW):

Regina Leader-Post, August 25, 1921, p. 3, and Saskatoon Daily Star, November 26, 1921, p. 9. Ad by H.J.M. Gloeckler Piano House, Saskatoon.

In 2011, John Rutherford, CAPS member, sent the following pictures:

Vancouver Sun, October 23, 1921, p. 23.

A Canadian phonograph for sale in Welland, Ontario in 2023.

Toronto Daily Star, January 9, 1925, p. 28. Equipping a Canadian phonograph with a Radiola radio manufactured by Canadian Westinghouse.