Canadian Music Trades Journal, October, 1915, announcement of the Best-Phone: "The latest sound producing machine to claim the interest of the trade is named the "Best-Phone". The Canadian agency is in the hands of Messrs. J.J. Brophy and E.G. Bryson, formerly connected with the Edison laboratory and who have done considerable demonstration work in Canada for the Edison line. The "Best-Phone" is a concealed horn machine to retail at $25.00. It has a duplex soundbox fitted with a diamond point and adjustable to play either lateral or horizontal cut records, i.e. it is designed to play Edison or any make of needle disc records. Messrs. Brophy and Bryson, under the name of Best-Phone Distributing Co., have located at 406-408 Yonge Street, Toronto, where they invite dealers to address them in connection with exclusive agencies."

Canadian Music Trades Journal, January, 1916: "Canadian Phonograph Co. have the Canadian rights of the Best-Phone phonograph, introduced by Mr. J.J. Brophy, who has just recently formed the above named firm. The headquarters are at 103 Yonge Street, where they have fitted up retail premises."

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