Canadian Music Trades Journal, August 1917, p. 62: Gingras Freres, piano manufacturers, 2679 St. Hubert Street, Montreal, have started manufacturing phonographs, and have three models to select from, but expect shortly to increase this to include a larger range."

Canadian Music Trades Journal, May 1918, p. 47: "Gingras & Cie, 2679 St. Hubert St., Montreal, are wholesaling and retailing the Wendle machine, which talker they manufacture in six models."

Talking Machine World, July 1922, p. 91: "Gingras Pianos & Gramophones, Ltd., Montreal, has made an assignment for the benefit of its creditors."

Montreal Star, August 19, 1924, p. 15. A classified ad for a Wendle phonograph.