The Viola phonograph, "a Made in Canada product", was marketed in western Canada, primarily Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Talking Machine World, May 1917, p. 42: "WINNIPEG, MAN., May 2. - The Dominion Sewing Machine Co., 80-82 Lombard Street, are exclusive sales agents for the Viola, a "made in Canada" product, and the Carola Western Sales Co., 15 Paris Arcade, are handling the Carola in the Western Province."

Talking Machine World, August 1917, p. 42: "WINNIPEG, MAN., August 4. - Owing to the large development of their phonograph department, the word "phonograph" has been incorporated in the name of the Dominion Sewing Machine & Phonograph Co., in which form the company will hereafter transact business."

Talking Machine World, October 1917, p. 42: "The Dominion Sewing Machine and Phonograph Co., 300 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, are handling the Viola talker."

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