In 1905, Emile Berliner announced that he would be selling the Victor talking machine alongside the Berliner gramophone in Canada.

Montreal Star, September 22, 1905, p. 2: "We have arranged with the Victor Talking Machine Company of the U.S. to act as sole distributing agents for their machines and records in Canada.... We shall still continue to make and sell the Berliner Gram-o-phones and records as before and thus shall be able to place before the public the two best talking machines in the world, each of which, although similar in style, possesses original features not to be found in the other."

The Victor Victrola Page: "Some machines sold in Canada were produced at Victor's main Camden NJ plant, while others were made in the Berliner plant in Montreal, Canada."

Talking Machine World, November 1923, p. 174: "His Master's Voice Victrola cabinets, which have hitherto been imported into this country from the United States, will soon be made in Canada by the Berliner Gramophone Co., Ltd., of this city, which for some years has manufactured the Victor machines and records. They are now fitting out a modern reinforced concrete building which will be used exclusively for the manufacture of these cabinets. This building is five stories high, about 500 feet long, and contains approximately 100,000 square feet of floor space. It was erected, together with a 1,200 h.p. power plant, in 1921. The value of the building and the complete modern equipment being installed is a little over $1,000,000. The work, the company expects, will be completed about December 1. The plant when operated to capacity will require the employment of about 350 additional workers, but it is not counted on reaching full capacity before 1925. During the coming year, however, the company expects to take on about 200 additional employees."

Some Victor Orthophonic Victrola models were made only in Canada -

Halifax Evening Mail, December 17, 1907, p. 9. Victor talking machines for sale in Canadian phonograph shops.

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Ottawa Citizen, December 16, 1925, p. 2. "The Orthophonic is manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company of Canada, Limited, and being demonstrated locally at the Raper Studios, 177 to 179 Sparks St."

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