Talking Machine World, November 15, 1922, p. 156: "The Ventriolaphone is a new talking machine made in Canada by the Britannia Cabinet & Phonograph Co. of Toronto. Its inventor is C. H. Larsson, who utilizes the space usually given over to record storage as a sound chamber."

Talking Machine World, January 15, 1923, p. 124: "The Larsson Phonograph Co. has commenced business at 517 Bloor Street, West, Toronto. In addition to the Larsson line the firm is handling the Vocalion."

Toronto Daily Star, July 21, 1921, p. 59.

Toronto Daily Star, September 7, 1922, p. 23. The Ventriolaphone was introduced to the music trade at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto in September 1922 - "the wonder Phonograph of the twentieth century. Scientifically correct, acoustically perfect."

The Globe, November 16, 1922, p. 15. The Larsson Phonograph Co., 517 Bloor Street West is listed as a dealer in an ad for Vocalion records.

Toronto Daily Star, July 4, 1924, p. 23. A classified ad for "Larsson" phonographs, genuine mahogany or walnut.