Vanophone seems to be one of those instances of a marque made in Canada (Toronto) but headquartered elsewhere (US).

New Talking Machine Company

Under the title of "Vanaphone Company Limited" a Dominion charter has been taken out by a number of law students and a bookkeeper whose employees according to the Toronto directory are the law firm of Day, Ferguson & O'Sullivan, "to manufacture and deal in talking machines, gramophones, phonographs, musical instruments and supplies to be used in any way in connection with the same". The company whose headquarters are to be in Toronto is capitalized at two hundred thousand dollars. The charter is a comprehensive one embracing a wide range of activities. (Canadian Music Trades Journal, May, 1915)

Machine for sale in Toronto, Sept. 2010--photos by KW:

Grand Forks Gazette (British Columbia), November 25, 1916, p. 1. Advertisement from Woodland-Quinn Company.

Research (KW) netted this advert from the New Zealand Truth, December 15, 1917 pg. 2 showing exports from Canada:

However, this cropping from page 42 of Music Trade Review, 1914 (KW) shows a US start:

Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound, Second Edition, Volume 1 A–L. ISBN: 0-203-48427-4. Published: 11-04-2004 is:


An American record first produced by the Otto Heinemann Phonograph Supply Co., Inc., of New York. Heinemann had resigned in December 1915 from his post as managing director of Carl Lindström AG, and set up this new firm; it had a factory in Elyria, Ohio, and an office in Chicago. In May 1916 he was selling talking machines with the tradename Vanophone. By October 1917 the company declared itself to be the world’s largest manufacturer of talking machine supplies.

Betty Pratt sends in page 10 of Music Trade Review, November 2, 1918 showing Otto Heinemann and Okeh:

Popular Mechanics, October, 1915, pg. 154:

And Betty notes that Vanophone is advertised in a number of issues of the Toronto Daily Star.

This image is from April 1, 1916, pg. 3:

Owen Sound Sun, February 11, 1916, p. 3.

Here is a photograph from the collection of Bill and Betty Pratt (the original photo is from the City of Toronto Archives, No. 122/3, labeled "City Hall Square"). Betty points out that the Adams Furniture Company is to the left (this image is also in the CAPP page on Gerhard Heintzman).

And she contributes this letter from Adams (presumably they have moved by 1927):