The Sonora Phonograph Co., Inc. was founded in 1913 in New York, NY. The principal distributor of Sonora phonographs in Canada was I. Montagnes & Co., Ryrie Building, 229 Yonge Street, Toronto.

Talking Machine World, March 15, 1917, p. 6: "I. Montagnes & Co., general agents for the Sonora phonograph, announce that negotiations have been completed whereby they will manufacture the Sonora in Canada. In the production of the Canadian Sonora the United States model will be copied."

Talking Machine World, July 15, 1917, p. 39: "In anticipation of advanced prices, considered to be an inevitable result of the United States entering the war, I. Montagnes & Co., Sonora distributors of this city, are urging their dealers to buy now. They point out that increased prices in the United States will increase prices in Canada, and that dealers who buy in advance will have the additional profit. In preparation Montagnes & Co. have secured an unusually heavy shipment of the different models of the Sonora line. They have also received and shipped the first instalment of Made-in-Canada Sonoras. These are the "Troubadour" model, which is a small machine retailing at $35, made specially for Canadian trade. This small machine is now in the United States Sonora catalog."

Talking Machine World, August 15, 1918, p. 53: "I. Montagnes & Co., distributors of the Sonora phonograph in Canada, have recently received a supply of the "Troubadour" and "Imperial" models, made in Canada. The members of the firm are very much pleased with the work, finish and tone of these Canadian-made goods. The manufacturing of the Sonora will be further deeloped, making an important addition to the country's industries."

Talking Machine World, September 15, 1918, p. 36: "Minerva Mfg. Co., Ltd., of Toronto, a newly incorporated firm, has been organized for the purpose of manufacturing the Sonora line of phonographs, of which I. Montagnes & Co. are the distributors in Canada. Of the new firm, E. H. van Gelder is president and I. Montagnes secretary-treasurer. The company's offices are in the new Ryrie Building, Yonge and Shuter Streets. A new style is being added to the Sonora range. This will be known as the "Harmony" model, and is a special design for the Canadian trade and manufactured in Canada. It has been decided that all Sonora models shall be made in this country."

Talking Machine World, January 15, 1919, p. 63: "With the war concluded the manufacture of the Sonora line in Canada is to be prosecuted more vigorously than before, so that eventually Sonora dealers will have the complete range in Canadian-made goods."

Talking Machine World, October 15, 1922, p. 150: "To market Sonora phonographs more aggressively and provide the retailers with selling helps and in a general way co-operate with them more closely than ever before is the purpose of Sonora Phonographs, Ltd., which has just been organized with a Dominion charter. The new firm, of which I. Montagnes is general manager, will continue the business of wholesaling Sonora phonographs in Canada established by the firm of I. Montagnes & Co. in 1915. Sonora Phonographs, Ltd., is located at 172 John Street, to which premises I. Montagnes has removed from the Ryrie Building, the new location being much better adapted to the needs of a wholesale trade. The new warerooms, which until recently were occupied as a distributing warehouse by the General Phonograph Corp., Ltd., are on the ground floor with excellent shipping facilities and storage."

Talking Machine World, December 15, 1922, p. 156: "Sonora Phonographs, Ltd., has moved from 172 John Street to premises in the Otto Higel Co. building at the corner of King and Bathurst Streets to adequately handle growing business."

Talking Machine World, March 15, 1917, p. 6.

Toronto Daily Star, December 6, 1918, p. 13. "A new style is being added to the Sonora range. This will be known as the "Harmony" model, and is a special design for the Canadian trade and manufactured in Canada."

Toronto Daily Star, December 17, 1918, p. 21.

TDS, January 21, 1920, p. 5. "With the exception of its remarkable Swiss motors, most of the Sonora models are now being made entirely in Canada."

TDS, February 19, 1920, p. 4. "All 'Sonoras', with the exception of the very high-priced Art-Models, are now being made in Canada. The 'Caprice' is the latest Canadian-made 'Sonora' model."

TDS, March 26, 1920, p. 13. "Nearly all Sonora Models are now made entirely in Canada."

TDS, August 31, 1921, p. 18. "It should be remembered that nearly all Sonora cabinets are made in Canada by Canadian workmen in the four cabinet plants operated by the company."

TDS, December 6, 1922, p. 23. "... These Wonderful Canadian-Made Phonographs"

Sonora advertising card, ca. 1920.

Sonora advertising sign at Yonge and College Street, Toronto (Collection of Bill & Betty Pratt)

A Sonora phonograph, Imperial model.