The S-I-V brand of Canadian phonograph, "An Embodiment of Musical Perfection", was manufactured expressly for and guaranteed by His Master's Voice Limited, Toronto, Canada. It was sold between 1917 and 1919 at the two major department stores in Toronto, T. Eaton Company and Robert Simpson Company.

Eaton's Catalogue, Fall-Winter, 1917-1918, p. 321.

Eaton's Catalogue, Fall-Winter, 1918-1919, p. 444. S.I.V. Style H. Order from Winnipeg. Shipped from Winnipeg.

Simpson's Catalogue, Fall-Winter, 1918-1919.

Detail of S-I-V Style E table model phonograph from Simpson's Catalogue.

Toronto Daily Star, January 24, 1924, p. 16. Sale of phonographs at Brunswick Hall, 228 Yonge Street, Toronto, including an S-I-V described as "Victor Made".

An S-I-V Style E table model phonograph offered on Kijiji. Photographs courtesy of Norman Brooks.