Talking Machine World, June 15, 1925, p. 154: "Pollock Welker, Ltd., a recently formed company with an Ontario charter, has purchased the factory, plant and business of the General Phonograph Corp., Ltd., at Kitchener, Ont., and will continue specializing in the manufacture of Helycon phonograph motors, tone-arms and reproducers, which are so favorably known to the trade in Canada and on the other side of the line. The principals of the newly organized corporation have been active in the business of phonograph manufacture for many years. Arthur B. Pollock is one of the pioneers of the industry. Alexander H. Welker has been associated with Mr. Pollock in motor development and production and when the General Phonograph Corp., Ltd., purchased the business of the Pollock Mfg. Co., Ltd., a few years ago. Mr. Welker continued the factory superintendency while Mr. Pollock was general manager. In order to create an outlet for one of their models of the Helycon motor, Pollock-Welker, Ltd., are introducing a portable phonograph."

The Pulwel portable was manufactured by Pollock Welker, Ltd., Kitchener, Ontario. Advertisements for the Pulwel and the Helycon phonograph motor appeared for the music trade in Talking Machine World & Radio-Music Merchant in late 1929 and early 1930. The Pulwel was available in several models - Midget, Miniature, Electric Pick-up, Comrade, Sport and Grand.

Talking Machine World & Radio-Music Merchant, August 1929, p. 73 and April 1930, p. 71.

One of the retailers that advertised and sold the Pulwel was Brown & Tufts, 71 Richmond Street West, Toronto.

A Pulwel Sport model was sold at a 2021 CAPS Zoom auction.

A Pulwel Electric Pick-up model.

A Pulwel Miniature model, for sale on Facebook Marketplace in 2023, listed in Ottawa.

A Pulwel Midget model.

A Pulwel motor and winding crank.