Waters Conley Phonola 

To my knowledge, there is no connection between Pollock/Electrohome/Phonola and the US machines made under the 'Phonola' name by Conley and later Waters Conley.  My thanks to Ed Grzanowski, Jr.of Plymouth, Michigan for asking about these US machines and sending pictures of his upright machine.

From Antique Electric Waffle Irons 1900-1960 by William George:

"For years, the Conley Company had made windup record players for Sears.  When (Glen) Waters bought the company in 1939, it became the Waters-Conley Company and shortly after converted to making "Phonola" electronic phonographs."

From "236 Machines and their makers by R.J. Wakeman"
177. Phonola – Caloric Sales Company, 1381 Continental and Commercial Bank Building, Chicago, Illinois.  October 1916.

The following is excerpted from "Photographs To Phonographs" by David N. Sterling which seems to have been an article for "The Photographic Collector's Newsletter", Volume III, Number 4, (June 1975):

Images from the same article:

Pictures coutesy Ed Grzanowski of his upright machine:

Machine for sale at Aberfoyle May, 2007 (photos by KW):