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Electrohome has over 100 years of experience bringing you stylish, practical home entertainment solutions.

For over 100 years, ELECTROHOME® has been a leading manufacturer of consumer electronic products.  From home entertainment, including radios, TVs and karaoke systems, to household appliances, including microwaves and alarm clocks, ELECTROHOME has been welcomed into homes around the world for generations.

It all began with a coin toss. In 1907 Arthur Bell Pollock stood in front of his wife with a coin in his hand. Heads, they would stay in Kitchener, Ontario and try their luck making hornless phonographs, known today as record players. Tails, they would move out west and possibly sell real estate. Lucky for us, Pollock got heads. It was this bold spirit that would see ELECTROHOME produce the first color TV sets in Canada, supply Atari® with screens for video games such as Pac-Man, and provide the monitors on which Cape Canaveral watched Space Shuttle
Columbia launch the first Canadarm.

Early on ELECTROHOME spotted opportunities for expansion and seized them. When the phonograph proved a success despite fierce competition, they decided to sell the records to play on them.  Soon staff was scrambling to fill orders.  The need for cabinets to house the phonograph inspired the creation of an operation that grew into a lucrative furniture manufacturing business. And with the dawn of radio broadcasting, it was a natural progression to apply its phonograph technology to the production of cabinet radios. Soon ELECTROHOME was known as "The Royalty of Radio." And they didn't stop there. The company line was further expanded to include car radios, "air conditioners" (what we call humidifiers today), "breeze spreaders" (also known as fans) and many other household appliances. With the outbreak of World War II, however, everything changed. ELECTROHOME began devoting 99% of its production to the war effort. It manufactured wooden aircraft elements, munitions components, and communications equipment, including a radio transmitter for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

By the early 1950s, the company was producing televisions. In 1965 ELECTROHOME produced the first color television sets made in Canada and by 1969 color TV was the company’s largest single product line. The post-war population explosion had created a boom in housing construction and as a result the demand for consumer products like stereo hi-fi and television steadily increased. Countless living rooms had an ELECTROHOME television or stereo console. But by the mid-1970s, fierce competition from off-shore TV manufacturers encouraged ELECTROHOME to expand its product line.  They began manufacturing microwave ovens and specialized video monitors for surveillance systems, stock exchange trading floors, and broadcasting stations. These developments led to a lucrative contract with Atari® and an historic one with NASA. Never content to rest on its laurels, ELECTROHOME continued diversifying, branching into solar energy, waste heat recovery, and reverse osmosis/ultrafiltration systems.

In 2010 ELECTROHOME was acquired by CWD® a Niagara Falls, Ontario-based consumer electronics manufacturer. CWD is proud to be a part of the rich heritage of ELECTROHOME and looks forward to building on its founding legacy. Long associated with quality home-entertainment products, the line now includes DVDs, radios with iPod® docks, karaoke systems, and digital photo frames, reflecting modern tastes and utilizing cutting-edge technology. But with the introduction of the Nostalgia line, ELECTROHOME has gone back to its roots. By blending the design and craftsmanship of the company’s first product, the phonograph, with modern music technology, ELECTROHOME has created systems that sound and function as beautifully as they look. With the same bold spirit exemplified by Arthur Pollock as he held that coin in his hand, the company looks forward to breathing new life into the iconic ELECTROHOME brand and solidifying its reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality consumer products for the 21st century.

Pride in yesterday. Innovation for tomorrow. ELECTROHOME is committed to enriching your life.