W.H. Banfield & Sons Ltd., Toronto manufactured Oro-Tone reproducers, soundboxes and a portable phonograph under the trade name ORO-TONE BANFIELD.

Talking Machine World, January 15, 1923, p. 107: "Arrangements have just been made between the Orotone Co., of Chicago, and W. H. Banfield & Son, of Toronto, whereby the latter become Canadian and foreign representatives for the Orotone Co. products. The arrangements involve the manufacture of these products by the Banfield concern, under a special agreement. Banfield & Son also manufacture a line of motors, tone arms and sound boxes, but have decided to adopt the Orotone product. Orotone will now be given first-class representation throughout Canada and foreign countries, and all of this business will be looked after from the Toronto headquarters."

Talking Machine World, August 15, 1923, p. 106: "The Oro-Tone Co., of this city [Toronto], announces that it has appointed R. S. Williams & Sons Co., Ltd., of Montreal, Canada, as Canadian distributor for Oro-Tone No. 4, Edition attachents. This Oro-Tone attachment automatially centers the needle with the turntable spindle when playing either the vertical or lateral cut records, and also carries an autoatic adjustment feature which gives the corect weight for playing."

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