Nelson Gélinas

Thanks to Maxime Drolet for supplying a brief newspaper report from Le Nouvelliste about the "Nelson Gélinas" branded talking machine. Mr. Napoleon Adam Gélinas was a fur merchant who had one of the most interesting kiosks in the "Palais de l’industrie" where he displayed an orthophonic gramophone, "Nelson", manufactured by him in Saint Barnabé, Québec.

Maxime's father traced the Gélinas name through a genealogy search and found that Nelson, born in 1908, was a son of the manufacturer, Napoleon Adam Gélinas. He was a mechanic when he got married.

Saint Barnabé is located near Trois-Rivières, Québec.

Le Nouvelliste, August 21, 1930, p. 9.

A Nelson Gélinas phonograph for sale in Notre Dame des Prairies, Québec in 2023.

A Nelson Gélinas phonograph for sale in Joliette, Québec in 2023.