Music Master

The Music Master phonograph was carried exclusively in Toronto by the major department store, Robert Simpson Company Limited. Terms could be arranged through Simpson's Home-lover's Club at no extra charge for the convenience of extended payment. By 1925 Simpson's was also selling Music Master pianos and player pianos.

The first display ad in The Globe dated October 12, 1920 p. 3 introducing the new Simpson phonograph, the Music Master. Image digitally enhanced by Hopkin Design.

The first display ad in the Toronto Daily Star dated October 15, 1920 p. 15.

TDS October 25, 1920 p. 13. A model similar to the phonograph in the YouTube video but with two doors.

TDS November 22, 1920 p. 11, introducing two new models with different grille patterns.

TDS July 25, 1921 p. 10, introducing the new Model B Music Master phonograph.

TDS November 21, 1921 p. 12, the current line-up of phonographs, Models B, C, D and the newly-introduced Console model.

TDS December 21, 1921 p. 12, the model D, the highest-priced upright cabinet Music Master.

TDS January 13, 1922 p. 13, after Christmas clearance of the new "1922" model.

TDS November 17, 1922 p. 18, pre-Christmas 1923 sale.

TDS July 18, 1923 p. 15, Simpson's summer sale of Music Master phonographs.

TDS Two 1923 ads - August 1, p. 15 and August 22, p. 15.

TDS July 21, 1924 p. 12, one of the first ads to promote the patented ivorite horn.

TDS November 18, 1924 p. 15, Simpson's annual pre-Christmas sale, 116 instruments including upright, tabletop, console and electric models.

TDS January 26, 1925 p. 14, clearance of upright, console and tabletop Music Master phonographs.

An upright cabinet Music Master in dark mahogany submitted by Norman Brooks in 2023. "The construction method and design of the cabinets looks very much to me like they may have been made by Phonola...and of course the hardware is very Phonolaesque." (See the Phonola page - - especially the display ads for 1918 and 1919.)

Another upright cabinet Music Master in oak submitted by Norman Brooks.

An upright cabinet Music Master for sale on Marketplace in 2023.

A Music Master for sale in Lameque, New Brunswick in 2023.

TDS March 20, 1925 p. 18, a model adaptable to radio use.

TDS March 30, 1925 p. 14, a model with a 4-tube internal radio.

TDS January 11, 1926 p. 15, the "Carlyle" console model with radio compartment.

TDS November 30, 1927 p. 17, a new Music Master "consolette" model in time for Christmas.

TDS June 24, 1929 p. 14, yet another new model with an introductory sale price of only $59.00. This was the last Simpson's display ad for the Music Master phonograph.

The phrase "Music Master" was used by several companies to describe their phonographs:

Pathé in 1918 (Toronto Daily Star, December 14, 1918, p. 13)

Vitaphone in 1919 (Toronto Daily Star, March 22, 1919, p. 21)

Melbaphone in 1920 (Toronto Daily Star, March 24, 1920, p. 20)