Music Master

Wrigley's Classified Business Directory, 1918, p 1266: "Vancouver - Musicmaster Phonograph Co Ltd (mfrs) east end Smythe."

The Province (Vancouver), January 27, 1921, p. 17. "Nineteen new companies started business in British Columbia this week including Musicmaster Phonograph Company Limited, $500,000."

Canadian Furniture World and the Undertaker, April 1921, p 57: "Musicmaster Phonograph Co., Ltd., Rogers' Building, Vancouver, has been registered, acquiring the business carried on by H. Hamilton and J. B. Maysmith under the name Musicmaster Phonograph Co. Capital, $500,000."

Talking Machine World, December 1921, p. 154: "The MusicMaster Phonograph Co., Ltd., Vancouver, has made an assignment."

An upright cabinet "Music Master" was posted to YouTube about 2012.

Another upright cabinet "Music Master" for sale in Brampton, Ontario with a different cabinet logo.