La Favorite

There was a "La Favorite Phonograph Co." on Queen Street West, Toronto, in the late teens-early 1920s and we found multiple ads for "La Favorite Phonograph" in local newspapers. We also discovered an actual example of the machine in a CAPS member's collection. There is no firm evidence that this grandfather clock/phonograph combination machine is Canadian-made but it is simply too delicious to ignore until proven otherwise.

The Yiddish Yugend Farein or Yiddish Young People’s Organization of Toronto sponsored a Sukkot Concert at Massey Hall, Toronto, on September 25, 1918. The program included an ad for La Favorite Phonograph Co.

Toronto Daily Star, July 30, 1918, p. 8. This classified ad ran several times in July and August, 1918.

Toronto Daily Star, November 27, 1924, p. 36. Heintzman & Co. offered a La Favorite in fumed oak in 1924.

Toronto Daily Star, May 19, 1925, p. 18. An electric version from Heintzman & Co. in 1925.

Toronto Daily Star, September 19, 1928, p. 8. R.S. Williams Co. Limited sold a used La Favorite in a mahogany upright cabinet in 1928.

The Globe, November 12, 1929, p. 24. And Tovell Radio Company offered a used La Favorite for a mere $19.50 in 1929.

La Favorite grandfather clock/phonograph combination machine in the collection of CAPS member Tony Roosenmaallen (deceased). The large, stylized "C" in the grille is identical to a design used in phonographs made by the company Casavant Frères.