The full story of the Gourlay phonograph manufactured by the firm of Gourlay, Winter & Leeming in Toronto, Ontario is told in an article at https://capsnews.org/apn2019-1.htm.

The Gourlay phonograph is displayed for the first time at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto in September, 1919 (Canadian Music Trades Journal, p. 74). Note that it was not on the market for sale to the public until late 1921.

Depicted are the first two display ads for the Gourlay phonograph. The ad on the left appeared in the Toronto Globe newspaper on December 3, 1921; the ad on the right appeared in the Toronto Daily Star newspaper on December 8, 1921.

A Gourlay phonograph sold through Kijiji on March 1, 2020 for $175.00.

A Gourlay phonograph sold through FB Marketplace in 2022.

Shown are photographs of a Gourlay phonograph under restoration by collector Doug McKen.

Doug McKen's restored Gourlay.