The Embassy phonograph was the "house" brand of Babson Bros of Canada Limited, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Babson Bros pamphlet, 1923. "The Embassy is made in a factory with 20 years experience making only phonographs." This may very well have been the factory of The George McLagan Furniture Co., Limited, Stratford, Ontario.

Free Press Prairie Farmer (Winnipeg), January 9, 1924, p. 36.

Babson Bros of Canada Limited catalogue, 1925. "Every model of the "Embassy" is equpped with the wonderful [Canadian-made] Helycon motor."

Babson Bros of Canada Limited catalogue, 1926.

Free Press Prairie Farmer (Winnipeg), September 22, 1926, p. 2.

Free Press Prairie Farmer (Winnipeg), November 14, 1928, p. 9.

An Embassy table model phonograph from Babson Bros.

Photographs of an upright cabinet model Embassy submitted by Norman Brooks.

A console model Embassy for sale in Bracebridge, Ontario in 2023.