Talking Machine World, October 15, 1918, p. 33: "J. Donat Langelier, Ltd., Pointe -Aux Trembles, Que., have put on the market a machine of their own manufacture called the "Disc -O-Phone."

Talking Machine World, November 15, 1918, p. 33: "J. Donat Langelier, Ltd., are manufacturing the Disc -O -Phone at their factory in Pointe aux Trembles, Que., and are meeting with success with the placing of this machine in various Caadian centers." (see also the Langelier page)

Canadian Music Trades Journal, June, 1918, p. 9.

Canadian Music Trades Journal, September, 1918, p. 52.

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La revue moderne, Volume 1 Numéro 2, December 15, 1919, back of front cover.

Received from Robin Smith a reference to a tabletop Disc-O-Phone phonograph on sale in FB Marketplace, 2023.

A Disc-o-phone for sale on Facebook Marketplace in 2023.