Talking Machine World, July 1917, p39: "The Corona Phonograph Co., of this city (Montreal), with a branch at Quebec City, has manufactured to date four cabinet models which will be supplemented by two more types shortly."

Talking Machine World, July 1917, p39: "The Corona Phonograph Co. has patented an automatic stop which will be part of the equipment on all of its machines."

Talking Machine World, December 1917, p42: "The Alexander Furniture Co., Gauvin & Freres, furniture dealers, and the Corona Phonograph Co., Reg., manufacturers, are among recent Montreal incorporations."

Canadian Music Trades Journal, September 1918, p. 49: "A recent visit to the factory of the Corona Phonograph Co. found them busily engaged in filling numerous orders on hand, in fact they have enough to keep them going for a considerable time."

Canadian Music Trades Journal, April 1919, p. 87: "The Corona Phonograph Co., Ltd., 84 St. Denis St., [Montreal] are moving to a four story building at 29-33 St. Paul St. East. They have recently engaged two expert Belgian cabinet makers and they will add a couple of new and expensive models to their already large range of phonographs. The company has recently been reorganized and formed into a limited company. It is their intention to go after business in a big way, and with the additional facilities now at their command, and the two models which they manufacture, should help considerably."

Talking Machine World, September 1919, p162: "The Corona Phonograph Co., Ltd., has purchased the stock of the seven stores of the Record Service Library, comprising 14,000 records and 1,100 machines in twenty models."

Talking Machine World, September 1920, p129: "The Corona Phonograph Co. has secured the Canadian representation of the Odeon record manufactured in Paris, France, and is daily expecting shipment of a large order. These are a 10-inch lateral cut record and sell all at one price."

Talking Machine World, March 1922, p132: "The Corona Phonograph Co. has registered as doing business."

A Corona phonograph cabinet, without the mechanism, located at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec City, for sale through FB Marketplace in 2023.

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