Talking Machine World, December 1916, p. 43. "The Berlind Phonograph Co., Ltd., has been incorporated with a capital stock of $20,000, to manufacture, buy, sell, import and export the Art-o-Phone talking machine. They will open a store at 153 St. Catherine Street, East."

Canadian Furniture World and the Undertaker, January 1917, p. 49. "The Berlind Phonograph Company, Montreal, has been registered."

Talking Machine World, December 1918, p. 33. "The Berlind Phonograph Co. have incorporated as a limited liability company."

The Berlind Phonograph Co., Ltd., 153 St. Catherine Street East, Montreal, (later at 67 St. Catherine Street East and 87 St. Catherine Street East) sold Brunswick and Columbia phonographs. It was also a major dealer in phonograph needles, accessories, supplies and repair parts, specializing in Windsor main springs. In 1922 it advertised that it manufactured the Windsor phonograph: "Buy direct and save middleman's profit".

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Berlind ephemera, 1929, from the collection of Bill and Betty Pratt

An Art-o-Phone for sale in Montreal in 2023.