The Arionola phonograph, manufactured in Canada by The Arionola Co., Ltd., of Toronto, was introduced in the March 1916 issue of Canadian Music Trades Journal. The same display ad for the Arionola appeared in the CMTJ from March through August, 1916.

"A new phonograph in the Canadian market is the Arionola, being produced and marketed by a fifty thousand dollar corporation, with a Dominion charter, The Arionola Co., Ltd., of Toronto. Through his connection with the parent company in the United States, Mr. Howard M. Frederick, of the well known real estate and promotion firm of Robins, Ltd., secured control of the Canadian patents. Already a number of agencies have been established, and inquiries from the extreme east and west, as well as from central Canada, have been referred to the Canadian firm, received by the United States house as a result of their advertising.

"Mr. Howard is enthusiastic over the tone and the motor, and insists that the latter in every machine shipped must be as silent as it is possible to make a motor. The sound distribution is if a different principle to that of other makes. It is deflected from a sound board, upon which it is received from the horn connected with the tone-arm. The claim is that the tone is more mellow and accurate, and the volume just as great.

"On another page several styles of the Arionola, including an electric machine, are shown. The company have started out with the assurance to the trade that their product will be right before it goes out, and that the company has ample financial resources to assure the permanence of this concern."

Talking Machine World, March 1916, p.11: "The Arinola Manufacturing Co. of Canada, Ltd., has been incorporated in Toronto with the intenion, we understand, of manufacturing in Canada the Arinola machine in its complete form."

Canadian Music Trades Journal, April 1916, p. 40.

An Arionola manufactured by the parent company in Boston, Mass.