Eaton's Gramophone/Phonograph Ephemera 

The T. Eaton Company Limited was The Department store in urban Canada for a time.  Started in 1869 and continuing until 1999 it was also famous for its catalogue mail orders from 1884.  KW remembers the large Eaton's store facing across Queen Street West  in Toronto at its major rival of the time, Robert Simpson (Simpson's).  The Christmas shopping was so brisk at such a major draw of those two giants that KW remembers police there stopping traffic to allow mass J-walking across Queen St. between the two stores.

KW found the following Eaton's advert in the Toronto World from page three April 9, 1920 (though labeled page 16 from the source):

Colour Eaton's advert from some time in 1920:

Things weren't going so well in the Edmonton Journal April 3, 1931 on page 25:

Needle tins KW collection: